Ashlynn Boedecker, PhD

Limnology | Aquatic Biogeochemistry  

Let me introduce myself.


I am a PhD Candidate in the Biology department at Baylor University working with Dr. Thad Scott. My research focuses on dissolved gas dynamics and nutrient cycling within the sediments and water columns of lakes. I am also broadly fascinated by greenhouse gas production and release as well as coupling between different biogeochemical cycles within aquatic ecosystems.

Outside of research, I am passionate about creating digital art – mainly in the form of emotes, logos, and cartoons, baking, and playing video games.

Where I Studied

Wright State University – Bachelors and Masters Degree

Studied how Lake Erie sediments affected nitrogen and reactive phosphorus transformation processes across the sediment-water interface. We wanted to see the role the sediments played in either exacerbating or mitigating conditions that fuel harmful algal blooms (HABs) via recycling and/or removal of excess nitrogen and phosphorus. 

Baylor University – Pursuing Doctorate 

Currently studying the interactions of dissolved gases and nutrients between the water column, sediment, and atmosphere of southern reservoirs. The overall objective of this is to quantify nitrogen, oxygen, and phosphorus dynamics at various spatial, temporal, and experimental scales.