Ashlynn Boedecker

Ashlynn R. Boedecker, PhD

Do you ever think about how incredible the earth we live on is, and how different elements work together in such a way to make our planet livable? Hi, I’m Ashlynn. I’m an aquatic biogeochemist broadly interested in how different elemental cycles (mainly carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and phosphorus) work together, and how these cycles are being threatened by climate change.

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at The Ohio State University, where I am working with Dr. Jim Hood looking at the composition and dynamics of colloidal phosphorus in the Lake Erie watershed.


  • Ph.D. in Biology – Baylor University (2023)
  • M.S. in Earth and Environmental Science – Wright State University (2018)
  • B.S. in Earth and Environmental Science/Mathematics – Wright State University (2014)

And for fun, here’s a picture of my cats: